Praise for dataComet & dataComet-Secure

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"Steamed Crabby" award from MacWeek columnist Don Crabb, 1/6/98.

Our customers on dataComet.   

"Your product rocks!  I'm using it to administer the numerous 
 Apple Network Servers running AIX that make up 
 as well as some MkLinux boxes.  It makes my life easier on all of them."

    Trebor Carpenter
    Apple Computer SysAdmin

"I wanted to first say that this application is great. I develop applications 
 that I need to monitor on multiple Linux servers and would be lost without 
 dataComet-Secure. I have not found anything else that lets me click one button 
 and have a live session on a remote server."

    Jim Niemann, President, QSAccess

"dataComet-Secure has been the only configurable terminal emulation program 
 that I have been able to find that will work with Avaya Communication Call Servers 
 and Call Management Systems.  It's a tool I can't live without.  
 In addition, the support and service has been quick and friendly."

    Chris Larkin
    Lead Global Telecom Architect
    Fortune 500 Software Company

"dataComet rules.  Thanks for writing stuff that helps keep me from
 having to use Windows!"

    Stephen Ellis
    Director of Technology Development

"This is the best OSX terminal emulator I have found. 
 Most of the others don't cut it and have some nasty bugs."

    Paul Reading

"DataComet is the TN3270 program of choice for our 500 Macintosh Network. 
 Its sophisticated macro facility has enabled us to completely automate 
 mainframe login and logoffs so that users who have no mainframe
 experience at all can easily access our mainframe."

    Rob Osattin
    Publishing Systems Analyst
    Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"dataComet is by far the best terminal program I have seen for the Mac.
 Great job!"

    Nicolas Bjorklund

"I've been looking for a long time for a Telnet program that is
 inexpensive and fits our needs--dataComet is it..."

    Doug Larson
    MMG Worldwide, Inc.

"DataComet is the greatest telnet utility going - keep up the good work." 

    W.R. (Bill) Reed, Corporate Operations Manager

"I've been using dataComet 4.5.2B, and it is one of the most useful,
 powerful pieces of software I've had the opportunity to use.  I've found
 dataComet to be both extremely functional AND easy to configure, and I've
 really enjoyed playing with it."

    zach spiller

"I swore off Comet after trying it for 2 minutes, and reluctantly 
 tried DataComet, and find it to be the best Telnet client out there."

    Andrew Starr 

"Nice work! Fastest Telnet for my Mac I've seen."

    Derek T. Jones

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Updated 6/30/08.